With enough time, God would become God, even without God.

The Universe is bent towards order, not chaos.

Entropy and the Cold Death of the Universe assume energy is finite.. that everything is finite. But clearly it isn’t as that would suggest an ultimate beginning. Regardless of creation theories, none…

Increasingly it seems the answer is no. That seems to be the answer I’m getting from talking to some of Evangelical kinfolk anyway. And, judging by the tea leaves I’m reading.. I don’t think they are alone.

Here’s an explanatory anecdote: When complimenting a cousin of mine on a view…

One of the biggest things that keeps me from writing is all the rules.

I don’t mind breaking rules most of the time… but I don’t like conflict and I don’t like letting people down.

I’m ruled not by rules, but how I think others think of me.

“Ugh, what…

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

We talk and think a lot about what we want from God.. and how upsetting it is when he doesn’t make the world how we want it.

But what about God? What does God want?

For the typical Christian this answer comes easily, but is also varied depending on what…

Sleeping Bee. I can’t remember where this came from..

I saw a picture of a honey bee sleeping in a flower the other day. Then a bunch of them (Do yourself a favor and Google ‘sleeping bee’). Apparently they can work so hard that they fall asleep on the job. …

I searched “quantum fish” and found this picture. Photo by Mika Brandt on Unsplash

So why try?

We are fish in a fish bowl and we can only really guess as to what’s on the outside.

How did the fishbowl get here? Why are there fish in a fishbowl?

Science: If you just wait long enough a fishbowl will appear. Eventually one will show…

Geoffrey Baron

Mediocre white male

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