American Hypocrite — “You cannot legislate away evil.”

Geoffrey Baron
3 min readMay 25, 2022


What’s the hypocrisy here? Well, the fact that Lauren is a LAW maker. Her job is supposedly to make laws to .. wait for it.. legislate away evil.

To be fair to her, maybe this is more nuanced..

I’m pretty sure we can legislate this particular evil away. Or, and least minimize it’s impact.

(Note the Bible verse twisted into this nonsense)

That being said. I do agree with her.. to a point. We are not solve the problem of evil with legislation. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try. To apply this logic more broadly, why legislate anything? Kids working in mines, slaves, abortion, DUIs, or just murder in the broadest sense. Why legislate at all if not to correct the evils of society? Surely we constantly work to minimize the effects of evil through legislation. I mean, you can’t own fully automatic rifles (or Reaper Drones with Hellfire Missiles) because people were using them to commit acts of evil at scale. We drew a line, and we continue to draw lines because people continuously find new and creative ways to perpetuate evil acts upon society.

How did we lose that mindset?

How do we decide what gets legislation and what just gets more “Thoughts and Prayers”?

Making _____ illegal won’t stop it, it will just make good people outlaws.

Drinking, abortion, guns, etc. .. fill in the blank. Prohibition doesn’t typically work.. but bureaucracy does. Fill out the paper work, wait, pay the fees, more waiting, more paper work. Still angry? Still crazy? Hopefully the filters will pick out more of the nuts in the process.

The gun debate, like most discussions these days have gotten completely irrational. Talking to even more reasonable gun owners and the conversation devolves into a “slippery slope” argument. This far, but no further. If we give up bump stocks.. what’s next? No high capacity magazines filled with armor piercing ammo?

Why do you need an AR-15? To defend myself against.. other people with AR-15s. Huh? And that was one of the BETTER answers I got.

That being said, I have friends I 100% support having guns. They jump through ALL the hoops and would jump through more.

Dangerous things are and need to be regulated in our society. Heck, if we made it as hard to get an AR-15 as it is to get an abortion .. that would be a good start.

With leaders like this.. what hope is there for any of us?

Hypocrisy writ large.

Meanwhile, we keep mourning with those who mourn..

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