Book Report: “Southern Slavery: As it Was”

  1. Slavery is condoned in the Bible and who are we to argue with that?
  2. Biblically condoned slavery is patriarchal and thus kind and “Christlike”.
  3. The Northern abolitionists were Unitarian heretics that hate the Word of God.
  4. It was predominately “blacks” that were the kidnappers, which is not condoned by the Bible.
  5. The North were guilty of the slave trade, but not the South.
  6. Most slaves would still be slaves if given the choice.
  7. Most slaves had things better while slaves since the Federal Government passed laws making things worse for them when free.
  8. Many slaves had it better off than many poor whites.
  1. Slavery was horrible. There are countless books on this topic. While I don’t doubt that many slaves had things “better” under slavery that simple means Reconstruction was a brutal failure, Jim Crow was awful, and it simply doesn’t justify keeping people in bondage. Doug Wilson recently published articles justifying fake vaccination cards during a deadly pandemic in the name of freedom. You can’t say freedom is good for white people and slavery is good for Black people without donning the white robes. Just because Paul wasn’t advocating for open revolution doesn’t mean his verses were meant to ordain slavery has officially sanctioned by God. This logic allows you to ordain all manner of evils and leave it at God’s doorstep. What God allows and what God wants are two wildly different things.
  2. Patriarchy is part of “the Fall”. If you are going to justify slavery through the lens of “patriarchy” you need to go back to the roots of patriarchy. It was never meant to be system where men dominated women, or black people, or anyone. When humanity fell in the Garden of Eden the domination by the husband was described along with weeds and death as unfortunate byproducts of the curse. This is what the world looks like outside of walking with God in the Garden. It is not good. Not only that, it’s blatantly racist. No matter what the justification for the patriarchy, suggesting Black people need a white father is trash.
  3. Slaves overwhelmingly rejoiced after being freed. Thousands fought and died for the Cause. To claim otherwise based on cherry picked testimonies is deeply problematic. This is a big problem with creating narratives from history, it’s easy to create alternative histories and difficult to really get a consensus. Even if a few slaves loved their masters and had it “better off”, the system of slavery would have always kept Black Americans in a degraded condition. Equality and suffrage was never going to happen under this system.
  4. Somewhat inconsequential in comparison to the horrors of human bondage and racism, but slavery was bad for the whites in the South as well. The vast majority of wealth was held by less than 25% of the population. Poor whites couldn’t take low wage jobs as they were considered slave jobs. Those that did earned the title of “White trash”, a term unfortunately still used today. The whole system was dehumanizing for everyone affected.




Philosophy & History

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Geoffrey Baron

Geoffrey Baron

Philosophy & History

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