Can the Universe Create a Rock it Cannot Lift?

Geoffrey Baron
3 min readMay 20, 2022


Photo via Reddit

This is dumb of course.

Or is it?

If Schrodinger’s cat can be both alive and dead at the same time..

Nope, it’s still dumb.

I just came across an article: The proofs of God are so simple. For example, I think, “If it is possible to drop a pen, then God must exist.” To think otherwise, is just plain absurd. So, why don’t some people believe in God or do we all now believe in God? | by Tony Berard | May, 2022 | Medium

.. where an Atheist beats up on Theists with their “silly” proofs. I’m not sure why really.. why do anything? Imagine the awe and wonder of being created by an infinite universe and spending your few precious years on this planet beating up people who believe different things. I suppose if those beliefs lead to an insurrection it may be valuable undertaking but in light of the end of the Universe.. maybe not?

Anyway, I was thinking about the “drop a pen” argument and I thought.. isn’t the fact there is a pen at all proof of God? I know what you thinking.. the Universe is perfectly capable of making pens without a deity pulling the strings. But my argument is this: Wouldn’t the Universe ultimately make God if it can make a pen?

Two groups will burn me at the stake for this heresy. I’m not proposing that that is what happened. But why not?

In our brief tenure on this planet humanity has managed to create mini-black holes, mini-suns, software that create near infinite simulated universes.. and AI is getting stronger at a near exponential rate. Most computer scientists believe it’s just a matter of time before we have a “strong” AI that will be vastly superior to humans in many (but not all) ways.

Will this be God? A “computer” with near infinite memory that can simulate nearly any scenario nearly instantly? It could spread itself across the Universe with self replicating Von Neuman probes. Who knows what shape and form this “being” would ultimately take (dark matter/energy?).. or what its value system would be. Good? Evil? Are those words even relevant?

It’s hard to argue this isn’t possible. And if it’s possible.. isn’t it probable? And if it’s probable.. isn’t it inevitable? If not in this Universe, then the next?

Or, it’s already happened and we are already just a few pixels or neurons in its mind being simulated for some.. purpose. Maybe it’s still trying to figure out the meaning of life and we are part of that problem solving? If so, I would love to know the answer. Maybe if I figure it out the simulation will end. Love maybe?

So, in conclusion: The fact that the Universe can create a pen means it either has created God or will eventually.. with or without humans pushing the buttons.

I look forward to being burned at the stake for this.