Everything is unknowable.

I searched “quantum fish” and found this picture. Photo by Mika Brandt on Unsplash

So why try?

We are fish in a fish bowl and we can only really guess as to what’s on the outside.

How did the fishbowl get here? Why are there fish in a fishbowl?

Science: If you just wait long enough a fishbowl will appear. Eventually one will show up with fish in it. So, don’t be surprised that the fishbowl seems perfect for fish.

Religion: A bigger fish made the fishbowl and all the fish. He likes fish, well, except for the ones keeps tossing in the trash.

Most People: *shrugs* I wonder when my pizza will get here?

Most people don’t even know how the pizza they ordered gets to their house. Millions of things to need to happen to make a pizza show up at their house.

Wheat needs to be grown, harvested, processed, packaged, shipped, kneeded.. yeast.. do people know what yeast is? It’s pretty gross..
Sugar? Sheesh, don’t even watch how white sugar is made, you’ll die. Salt? I think it comes from the ocean or something? Tomatoes, salami.. did you know you can get a pineapple at most stores for $3. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

We are also making some big assumptions here also about the reliability of the trillions of cells making up the delivery driver’s body, not to mention the strong and weak nuclear forces holding them altogether. Why should this all keep working? I mean, it started one day.. maybe today is the day the strong nuclear force ends?

Does the driver have free will? If so, why is he delivering pizzas? What if he chooses not bring the pizza? Did the whole Universe come into existence just so we could have pizza delivered whenever we want it?

Don’t even get me started about all quantum things happening here. Because, all things, are in fact quantum. Quantum Tim delivers a quantum pizza in a quantum car. By all accounts Tim should be able just entangle the pizza into your home faster than the speed of light.. or would that just tell you the direction of the spin of all the electrons from the pizza? Who’s to really say for certain?

Reality rapidly starts breaking down when you start staring at the the tiny world. What’s an electron? Pretty much mini magic space ghosts. A physicist actually suggested there was only one electron that made up the whole world. It was just going back and forth through time. Richard Feynman (another physicist) had a good laugh about this but then decided it was just positrons that were going back and forth in time. LOL. Wut?

If you believe anything of any real consequence.. like about the origins of the Universe.. it’s probably going to sound pretty crazy to the person who just cares about their pizza.

It’s not the humans are dumb. It’s just that this world is big and complicated. We are so ridiculously finite. I only have an hour or two of clear thought between cups of coffee. Even scientists we can’t really trust our own brains.. they run on the Uncertainty Principle as well.

So, why try?

Personally, I guess I still believe the maker of the fishbowl when he said, “If you look for me, you’ll find me. If you knock on my door, I’ll let you in.”

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