My slice of history. April 2022.

The world watches in horror as war crimes are discovered in the town of Bucha, Ukraine. As if the thermobaric bombing of civilians wasn’t enough of a war crime.

Red states enact draconian anti-abortion laws.

The big lie continues to perpetuated and allowed to thrive. It’s being used by the GOP to make voting more difficult. The foundation of the world’s largest democracy is shaking.

Ice shelves are collapsing faster than thought possible.

Fusion reactors continue the slow march to reality. The Chinese will most likely be there first because of US regulations. This would change everything from clean water, to food production, to upsetting the world order. Who needs Russia’s oil?

The GOP uses its Trumpian populism to push book bans and alter how teachers teach sexuality and history. Words like “trans”, “CRT”, and “grooming” are weaponized by the Right. While parent involvement in what is being taught is important poorly written laws and book bans will be abused by everyone.

Meanwhile, I look on in horror.



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