Yes, you live in a simulation.

Geoffrey Baron
2 min readMar 9, 2022


Accept it. It’s a fact.

There is nothing you can do to prove otherwise.

Of Course We’re Living in a Simulation | WIRED

Don’t fight it.

As I get older I’m noticing more ‘floaters’ in my eyes. Tiny fibers clumping together casting little shadows. Great. Really cool detail in The Simulation. It ads a lot of “realism”.

If I was programming a simulation I wouldn’t have thought to add floaters.

It’s that level of detail that makes me think that maybe we aren’t living in a simulation. I mean, what really is the point of adding ‘floaters’? Is it an unintended byproduct of the physics? When the Great Coder added a few lines of entropy code to the system where they surprised by floaters? Or maybe they weren’t aware? There is a difference between being able to know everything and knowing everything thing. Maybe the Great Coder just didn’t review that bit of the human experience. There are games where this a reality. When software engineers create simulation or game worlds programmatically they don’t check everything. I remember reading about the team that built the universe simulation game No Man’s Sky and how they created digital “probes” to explore their universes. It would take “screenshots” of various planets, stars, and life forms and send them back to the engineers for tweaks. But they didn’t explore all of the billions of planets. There is a certain separation between the Coder and Simulation. Even if they have complete control of every detail.. even floaters. The Coder may be able to blink the Simulation in and out of existence with a flick of a switch, but they may never be able to experience what it is like to live with floaters. Or to have a child die for that matter.

To the Coder, we are less than ants. We see ants as ‘real’. The Coder knows better.

And of course, the Coder must have the same existential crisis we experience. “If I managed to create this simulated universe, what’s to say I too am not living in a simulated universe?”. As the Wired article says, it’s simulations “all the way down”.

Perhaps, it truly is circular or a closed system.

The Coder lives in the Simulation because the Simulation is part of the Coder. I can simulate anything in my head, but due to the limitations of my brain things don’t “persist”. My imaginary friends and worlds don’t have agency. However, if I solved the problems with my wetware.. memory, speed, etc. I could theoretically have all my “dreams” persist. Whatever planets, people, creatures, etc. I could image could be “coded” and continue on with their existence even after I’m no longer imagining them into being.

Meanwhile, my reality is floaters.. and thankfully a lot of other better things.